Helpful Information

General Information

  • A non-refundable deposit must accompany each application.
  • All published camp fees include all applicable taxes.
  • All assigned cabins are final!
  • Sessions begin with supper. No meals are provided beyond those covered during the camp session.
  • All camper ages are as of December 31, 2019.
  • No allowance can be made for campers leaving early except for sickness.
  • We do not encourage visits by parents during camp sessions as some children, perhaps not your own, may become homesick.
  • Campers are not to bring the following to camp: portable audio equipment (MP3s), alarm clocks, cell phones, comic books, knives, alcohol or tobacco products.
  • Christian standards of conduct are expected at all times. All clothing (including one piece swimsuits) must be modest, and must not have inappropriate images or slogans.
  • All overnight campers will be inspected for head lice before being assigned a cabin. Unfortunately, any camper found to have nits or live head lice will not be permitted to stay, and a full refund (including deposit) will be issued.
  • The summer director reserves the right to send a camper home if he or she is not complying with the rules of the camp.


No child is denied a camping experience at Galilee Bible Camp due to lack of funds. Where a need exists, financial assistance is available through our Camper Sponsorship Program for any child who would like to attend one of the children’s camps. If you require assistance, please make your request in writing, and state the amount which you are able to pay. Each request will be considered on an individual basis. Contact the camp for more information.

Notice to Campers

The swimming and waterfront area of the camp may only be used when authorized Camp Lifeguards are supervising the area. Any other use of the area is strictly prohibited. This rule will be strictly enforced for your safety.