Overnight Boys & Girls Camps

Separate, simultaneous programs are provided for Junior (ages 9-11) and Senior (ages 12-15) campers, to allow us to provide a program that is more specifically suited to the needs of these age groups. Each program has its own Program Director and set of counselors.

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Dates (2018)

  • Girls Camp: July 15-21
  • Boys Camp: July 29-Aug. 4


  • Junior Program: 9-11
  • Senior Program: 12-15

*Ages as of Dec. 31, 2018

2018 Costs

  • $305.00 (1st child)
  • $280.00 (2nd child)
  • $260.00 (3rd child)
  • $240.00 (4th child and over)

*Family Rates are for Boys and Girls Camps only, and only apply for immediate family members.


Registration begins at 3pm.
These sessions will both conclude with a closing program with a planned start time of 6pm. Family & friends are encouraged to attend.

Ambassador Program

If a camper from previous years brings a friend (not a member of their immediate family) who has never been a camper at either Boys or Girls Camp, both campers will receive a $25 discount on their own time at camp. Contact the camp for more information.