• Youth Snow Camp

    February 5 – 7, 2016
    Come join us to be Encouraged, Challenged and Refreshed!

  • College and Careers Winter Retreat

    February 12 - 15, 2016
    Come join us to be Encouraged, Challenged and Refreshed!

  • Leadership Camp

    Intense Bible Study, lots of fellowship
    and camping in Algonquin Park

  • Overnight Boys & Girls Camps

    Bible lessons, Sports, Swimming, Campfires and more...
    You can be a part of this Program!

  • [
    Day Camp

    Bible Stories, lively singing, crafts, games, sports...
    Don't miss out!

  • Relax at Family Camp

    Bible teaching, fellowship and activities for the entire family
    A tremendous time of blessing!

  • Youth Camp

    Build Strong Friendships
    Enjoy Epic Events!

2015 in review - check out the slideshows below!

Boys Camp 2015

Girls Camp 2015

Leadership 2015

Youth Camp 2015


After finishing a special Saturday morning breakfast, our six year old declared with a sigh, "aaaah, I ate so much, I feel like I'm at Camp Galilee." Thank you Galilee cooks and staff for setting the standard for a great meal.
Livia Kruszelnicki, Staff Kid
I started going to Galilee when I was 16 not knowing a single soul, I met some great people that year and kept in contact with them. That year was a life changing experience for me because I have never felt such love from God's people. Never thought I would go back but I did and started to really get more involved with the camp and committing my summer there, serving as a counsellor and support staff. Every year I always look forward to going to camp!
Isaac Mendita, Camper and Staff
"I went to leadership this year and learned so much about discipleship in that we shouldn't just be disciples but that we should be makers of disciples as well. The speakers were very practical and funny too! The trip was demanding but in a stimulating way.  I made friendships at leadership that will last forever!"
BJ Nicholson, Leadership Camper
I have spent many years at Galilee in the past both as a camper and on staff. It's one of the best places on earth and I will never forget the experiences I had there. I hope to be back soon!
Crawford Paul, Camper and Staff

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